December 06, 2013


10% Donation Program to Homeless Prenatal Program

This holiday season, Invenio Toys is making gift buying go further...

We are donating 10% of proceeds to the Homeless Prenatal Program, an organization focused on helping poor and homeless families avert childhood poverty. More than 3,500 families access HPP’s services each year, and nearly 200 families approach HPP for the first time every month.

The fine print: for all purchases through December 31, 2013 using the code HPP at checkout.

All of us at Invenio Toys and the Homeless Prenatal Program thank you for your support.

October 31, 2013


Toymaker Spotlight: Storybook Blocks

Storybook Blocks is a labor of love brought to us by Jen, a stay-at-home mom of two from Virginia.

After working in advertising and publishing for years, Jen decided that she wanted to spend more time with her husband and kids.  Combining her love of crafting with her passion for family time, she found her ideal balance.  In her own words:

“I’ve always read to my kids and years later, that is a practice that we as a family continue to make time for. Books and their illustrations are so crucial in the development of creative and imaginative kids.  Now that my kids are a little older, I see how that have become voracious readers.

I was looking for a way to incorporate my love of crafting with reinforcing the love of books in children. As moms, we all have ‘favorite’ books we read to our kids, and I wanted to create a way for little ones to have a tactile experience with the characters from these books.  Storybook Blocks was born.”

We love these blocks not only for the ideals that they represent, but also because they’re enriching, yet versatile.  Children can bring their favorite stories to life, as illustrations come off the page and become interactive.  You can practice sequencing, and ask your child to retell the story with the blocks.  You can work on recognition, and have your child find each block panel in your book at home.  You can even let your imaginations run wild and create new stories together based on the scenes featured on the blocks.

The do-it-yourself sets are also great to create custom blocks.  Jen is constantly on the lookout for new, eye-catching paper designs.  The sets come complete with alphabet and number stickers, if say you want to spell out a message or your child’s name.  Available for both girls and boys, these sets are super popular amongst expecting or new parents and make great gifts.  Plus they make for a great group activity at baby showers.

See Jen’s collection:  Jen has other items and also does custom sets, so contact us if you have some ideas.

Note that these are not officially licensed products; they are simply handcrafted toys from books at home.  With a side dish of love.

October 21, 2013


Holiday Fundraiser for Disadvantaged Youth

We are super excited to announce that we are partnering with East Bay Moms for a holiday fundraising event!

East Bay Moms is a mothers' group in the East Bay area of the San Francisco Bay Area. This holiday season, we are partnering up with them to raise awareness and grant money for the Children's Support League of the East Bay (CSL).  CSL, founded in 1986, is a volunteer organization dedicated to improving children’s lives in the local community.  

In total, CSL has awarded over $2.9 million in grants to programs supporting disadvantaged children.  Such programs include those that support youth abuse victims, emotional and social development for homeless children, children with developmental disabilities, legal services for homeless youth, hearing impaired youth and school preparation programs among others.

Let me repeat that.  CSL has raised and awarded $2.9 million based purely on the time and dedication of its volunteers.

Invenio Toys is proud to donate 10% of all proceeds from this fundraising event to CSL.  If you'd like to support CSL, please make sure to use the code "eastbaymoms" at checkout for any order through December 31, 2013.

It is so rewarding to be able to combine our passion with community outreach.  We can't wait to see how it goes!

October 19, 2013


What is Invenio Toys about anyway?

Brian and I have been thinking very hard about what it is that we’re doing and who it benefits.  We quickly agreed that the latter was more important, and that the former would work itself out.

While things always evolve over time, we have landed on the groups that we hope to positively impact…

1) the children – they have always been the focus, and we continue to strive to get better toys into the hands of children everywhere to make playtime most meaningful, and to seize and create developmental opportunities whenever possible.

2) the parents – both parents of our own kids, we like you are busy yet realize that we actually can forge the path for our children’s development.  We aspire to make these topics and tactics accessible to all.

3) the toy makers – we aim to give a voice to and platform for artisan toy makers everywhere.  They’ve been overshadowed for far too long.

4) the community – we are ecstatic to have recently discovered that we can carry out our journey while giving back to the community via fundraisers, toy drives, etc.  We’re super excited to learn more about what we can do here, and the awareness that we can raise.

We’ll be sharing more details about some of our recent efforts shortly…

September 08, 2013


Invenio’s Take on Child Development: 3-5 Years Old

3-5 Years Old – during these years, our children are really a sponge.  They will probably amaze you at what they can do, such as making you meaningful pieces of art and tackling more complex puzzles.  Their imagination has come to life and they often role-play or craft stories around their play.  We find this a great age to pick a theme for the day, or for the week, and to really tackle some meaty subjects.  Examples can be different countries in the world, or how things used to be (history).  They’re also playing adeptly with balls and larger riding toys, such as bicycles with training wheels.

August 16, 2013


Invenio’s Take on Child Development: 2-3 Years Old

2-3 Years Old – children graduate to speaking in sentences, and can ask a ton of questions!  This is a good age to start exposing them to more abstract concepts and critical thinking, even if only as a basis for the future.  At this age, children start playing cooperatively much more and their imagination is often blossoming at this point.  They can recognize sounds that they hear and like to imitate both what they see and hear. 

August 03, 2013


Invenio’s Take on Child Development: 1-2 Years Old

1-2 Years Old – children build quickly on the physical and mental skills acquired so far.  They start running and can use 2-3 words together.  They often prefer parallel play at this age.  They exhibit the fine motor skills and dexterity to play with musical instruments, simple puzzles and simple block sets.  They can even have the large motor skills to play well on ride-on toys, such as tricycles!

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